What can I expect during a session?

I am all about capturing connections. It is always my goal, for every session, to take photographs of my clients connecting with each other. 

I try to make my sessions as fun as possible and often encourage families and couples to joke with me, laugh, get silly and be spontaneous. You’ll find us playing games, dancing, and running into the wind. I love the little details, the moments in between – you might find me snapping shots of the dimple from a smile, the fingers weaved together of two souls who are madly in love, or the sand on your feet from running along the coastline. My favorite images are unposed, undirected, natural, and candid. Trust me, as an artist who has a vision, to capture your connections.

Where do your Washington sessions take place?

I have a variety of places throughout Washington that I LOVE shooting at. These includes mountains, fields of flowers, beaches, and hidden gems I’ve discovered over the years. Have your own location in mind? Great! I love helping coordinate every detail of our time together and want your session to be a reflection of YOU and what YOU love doing. I love exploring new places and seeing new things! Adventure is the name of the game with me, and would happily take a day to explore our beautiful state with you! Let’s get our boots dirty, our hair messy,

What’s your editing style?

My photographs tend to lean on the darker side, visually–incorporating more rich and moodier colors. This is how, as an artist, I want my art to look. This is how I express myself, but more importantly, it is how I choose to express our time together. It’s important for my clients to recognize my editing style as my own, and to not ask for something different.

I want my clients to feel emotions when they look back on their photographs–to feel deep down in their bones, so intensely, the love, happiness, and real and raw moments they shared with their soulmate, their children, their tribe. My editing style is one way I make this happen.

Oh and black and white, grainy photographs might just be my all-time favorite.

Can you alter/edit my physical appearance?

I want my images to be pure, and raw, and to represent exactly the moment that happened. By altering the image, or yourself, I find that takes away or minimizes the feeling of authenticity and connection that I was trying to capture. For this reason, I apply minimal body touchups (getting rid of acne/teeth whitening, etc).

Do you offer destination sessions/weddings?

I do, and I LOVE them! I have always had a wanderlust soul, and a heart for adventure. I offer special pricing for anyone who wants to book weddings or sessions outside of Washington. Visit my travel page to learn more! 

Do you photography LGBTQ couples?

I’m sad this is even a question that get’s asked. Of course I do.