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Heya, I’m Erin, the chick behind the camera, and your future bff. I’m a Gen-Y by birth. Wife and mother by choice. Creative by nature.

I’m a lover of all things outdoors, sunshine, warm rain, old horror movies, cheesy sci-fi movies and I binge watch Forensic Files 28 times a week. I married my best friend, Bryan, and we have two wild daughters, Izzy and Veda. They are my little tribe, and my entire world all at once. I've lived in Washington for 12+ years and our family is huge on being outdoors as often as possible. We love camping, hiking, and packing into the car headed for nowhere (but always finding somewhere amazing). We crave wander, have souls for adventure and traveling to new places is something we will never get tired of.

this is me.

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Turning moments into art is what I do best. 

Give your heart to a wanderer who found your soul and called it home.

When I’m not being the tickle monster or booboo kisser at home, I’m chasing around couples who are insanely in love, usually in insanely gorgeous places. Sometimes we drink beer together, other times we take shots. Sometime we do dances at sunset, and other times we stare in silence and awe, while I secretly photograph you snuggled up to your soul mate. Either way, we have a lot of friggin’ fun together, and I’m beyond stoked for the adventures I get to share with my clients.

There's just something about super intense, emotional and raw love that inspires me beyond words. Everyone loves differently, but everyone’s love is beautifully captivating. Learning about your story, and learning how to perfectly capture your unique, your silly, your magical, your untamed love will forever be an adventure I crave.

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I know there are thousands of other photographers out there and that's totally chill with me - I truly believe there is a photographer for everyone - but what I believe sets me apart from others is that I feel like the people I take on as clients become some of my closest, coolest, raddest friends.

I like to think I don't offer you *just* a session, or a wedding. I offer you an adventure, an experience, and photographs that you’ll cherish and adore for a lifetime. My heart genuinely feels like it will explode with happiness when I think about what I get to do, where I get to go, and most importantly, the people I get to meet, connect with, and develop life long friendships with.

I’m the photographer without limits, for the clients without boundaries.

Let’s get adventurous! 

So, that's my story. What's yours?

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mountains climbed


...and countless amounts of love captured. Don't believe me? Keep scrolling to hear it from my happy couples!

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There are so many ways you can celebrate saying your “I do’s.” On a mountain, by the beach, in a church, in a field, in a park, in backyard, with 500 guests or with 5. The point is, it’s all about YOU and what YOU want.

Things you should know before booking with me: I’ll be your official photographer and your unofficial shot pourer, dancing partner, dress fluffer, water getter, joke teller, and my goal by the end of the day is to be considered part of the fam. Are we right for each other? I dig souls who have similar interests, passions, and values as mine. I’m all about drinking beer with you, laughing with you, dancing with you, making inside jokes with you, and crying with you (cause lets be honest, I’m a big emotional baby) and most importantly, developing meaningful, authentic, life long friendships with you. 

starting at $2700


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Are you down to ditch the details and do something completely different?

Eloping is the perfect way to do that. I LOVE getting to help my clients learn about all the fun and unique ways they can make their day super special. I will be your wedding planner, hiking guide, photographer bff, and we'll spend our time together creating magic and memories you can look back on for a lifetime. Stress free, day drinking, campfires, champagne popping, booty dancing, first dancing, fist pumping - these are just *some* of the things you can expect in an elopement. Don’t let societal traditions or norms dictate how you choose to honor, recognize and celebrate your love. My only rule in this biz: do whatever the flip you want, and have fun while you do it. Oh, and invite me to the party.

starting at $1000


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Okay, so you’re not getting married, but there are other cool ways we can hang out too. I love getting the chance to do engagements, boudoir, adventure sessions, vow renewals, and other cool photo projects. Shoot me a message and let’s talk about how to bring your vision to life!

starting at $500

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I knew our pictures would be great, but they turned out more gorgeous than I could’ve ever dreamed. My husband and I are both kind of shy when it comes to this sort of thing, but she is so easy going and fun that you forget how nervous you are and just enjoy yourself and it shows. The only problem is that now I don’t know how any other photo session could ever compare to this one.

Rachel + Deadrick

From the moment we met Erin she felt like family. She was organized and practical but also down to earth! The wedding portraits are something we will treasure forever because they truly captured our love, hope, and excitement on our special day. Erin is a true artist and we can't thank her enough. 

Jessica + Lee

My husband and I feel beyond lucky that Erin shot our elopement! Erin was able to capture us in a very natural and beautiful way and made it seem like the untimely weather was planned. She made the experience very fun and never awkward. We are so in love with our photos and are able to relive our special day every time we look at them! 

Amanda + Preston

We couldn't be happier that we found Erin! Before our first shoot, she asked what our vision was and took it to heart, which made our session truly about who we are as a couple. She has been so easy to work with, and has exceeded our expectations so far. We are so freaking happy with our engagement photos and can't wait for her to shoot our wedding! 

Sarah + Drew

Erin does AMAZING work! She is very sneaky with her shots and captured such great memories of us and our guests at our wedding. I love her appeal to candid shots! I can't help but smile when I look back at our photos. She came with a plan and absolutely KILLED IT! She was very flexible and handled our large family LIKE A PRO! 

Allison + Jaykob



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